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Aircraft Towing & Positioning

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Aircraft Towing & Positioning

AEM Group owns and operates our very own aircraft tugs, allowing complete control of the quality of service offered and the time required for display setup. Our certified, trained operators have several years experience in airside operations and airshow environments and understand the level of detail required for private events.


Our main mode of aircraft movements comes by way of Lektro towbarless tugs. These hybrid, high-efficiency units allow 24/7 operations and have been designed specifically for the aviation event industry. Our event setup times are drastically reduced without the need of multiple types of aircraft tugs or a wide variety of tow-bars.

In addition to business aircraft events, our team provides aircraft towing and placement services to one of the largest helicopter events in the world. So whether your event showcases single-engine aircraft, helicopters or large business aircraft, our team has the background and experience to properly support your event.